PPG : Amwell

Patient Participation Group (PPG) – & Patient Referral Group (PRG)

Our first meeting for the Patient Participation Group, commonly known as a PPG, was held on 12th October 2011.
The minutes of these meetings, together with our Terms of Reference, can be viewed below:

The PPG Involves Patients Working With A Practice To:

Contribute to the improvement of services.

Improve communication between the practice and its patients.

Help patients to take more responsibility for their health.

Provide practical support and help to implement change.


If you prefer not to join a formal PPG but would like to have a say about the services we provide:

Why not join our “Virtual” Patient Reference Group (PRG)

by providing us with your email details so that we can contact you about specific issues discussed by the PPG and involve you more directly in future patient questionnaires.

Membership is restricted

to patients registered at the Amwell Group Practice.

The PPG aims to meet every 3 to 4 months

in the practice community room.